CM Biomass caters to a broad spectrum of clients, from large-scale producers, utilities, and industrial customers to smaller regional producers and distributors. Our diverse portfolio includes both industrial and premium-grade wood pellets and alternative biomass solutions tailored to meet our customers’ diverse needs.

Responsible Supply Chain

  • Sustainably Managed Forestry

    Responsible forest management and sustainable sourcing practices are non-negotiable for CM Biomass; thus, we have a dedicated sustainability team to vet the sourcing of biomass. Even though this step is not part of our core operations, as our primary sources are residues for our own production, it all starts with the commitment to sustainability.

  • Sawmills and Other Wood Working Manufacturers
    Sawmills and Other Wood Working Manufacturers

    The main sources for CM Biomass’ wood pellet production are wood industry residues such as sawdust, off-cuts, and shavings from our external suppliers at the sawmills. We encourage the best possible utilization of the saw logs and provide a commercially attractive outlet for the inevitable residue streams from the production of timber products.

  • Wood Pellet Manufacturers
    Wood Pellet Manufacturers

    The use of recognized third-party verified certification systems, such as SBP and FSC ensures the overall sustainability of the timber supply chain. The feedstock for our pellet production is mainly comprised of wood industry residues (95%) with a small fraction of in-forest wood chips from sustainable forest management (5%).

  • Value-adding Biomass Aggregator
    Value-adding Biomass Aggregator

    Through long-term partnerships and a dedicated sustainability team, we ensure due diligence processes for suppliers through sustainability reports, contracts, KYC processes, and legal documents.

  • Logistics

    We provide logistical door-to-door full-service solutions, including loading, inspection, transportation, discharging, warehousing, and agency with terminals to strategically adhere to the sourcing and distribution activities.

  • Utilities and Distributors
    Utilities and Distributors

    Both utilities and distributors have various procedures in place, guaranteeing that pellets are from sustainable sources and are of a certain quality. Utilities conduct site visits to wood pellet manufacturers.

Sustainability is our
License to Operate

We believe that driving sustainability and documenting the industry’s high standards are key to the successful development of the biomass sector. At CM Biomass, we are on a journey to decarbonize energy-intensive companies all over the world.

We understand that transparency in our supply chains is essential for maintaining credibility and public support. That is why we have positioned ourselves as frontrunners in biomass practices since our foundation.

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