The core product in our portfolio remains wood pellets. We do however trade many different types of wood pellets. The two main categories are industrial and premium/residential pellets, but both can be divided into many sub categories, varying sustainability and quality requirements depending on country and/or end user specific needs and preferences. At CM Biomass, we constantly strive to develop and maintain a diverse and flexible supply portfolio that can efficiently be matched with our diverse and growing portfolio of buyers.

We are also more and more active within alternative biomass including but not limited to sunflower husk pellets, peanut hull pellets and olive by products.

It is our strong expectation that boilers will become more flexible in the future and we see significant potential for alternative biomass to increase.

Based on our experience and cooperation with producers and equipment manufacturers, we are actively providing advice as to quality management systems as well as to specific advice on the production process. On the buyer side, we are actively assisting with reducing quality problems and barriers to use alternative biomass whenever relevant.