We believe that our greatest strength is the talented and dedicated people of CM Biomass. Our diverse workforce brings exceptional expertise to deliver  biomass solutions worldwide. When you join CM Biomass, you become part of a company that values your contributions, supports your growth, and empowers you to make a real impact.

Why Work at CM Biomass

  • Family-Owned Legacy

    At CM Biomass, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned business. We blend the values of our founding family, Copenhagen Merchants, with the values of our majority ownership, USTC. The unique heritage of these two family-owned businesses creates a supportive and close-knit work environment where everyone feels valued and connected.

  • Social Connectivity

    Social Connectivity

    We believe in the power of strong social bonds. Throughout the year, we host various local events, creating opportunities for you to connect with your colleagues through both casual gatherings and organized activities. Building strong relationships within our team is key to maintaining a positive and engaging work culture.

  • Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

    Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

    We understand the importance of balancing work with personal life. At CM Biomass, you have the flexibility to work when it fits your schedule and the business needs. Whether it’s taking your kids to school or attending a doctor’s appointment, we respect and appreciate the diverse lives of our employees.

  • Commitment to Development

    Commitment to Development

    We believe in the continuous development of our employees. From student assistants to full-time employees, we offer numerous development opportunities. We support students with thesis cases, internships, and employment, fostering a strong pipeline of talent with both technical and business backgrounds.

  • Empowering Leadership

    Empowering Leadership

    Our leadership philosophy is to steer and enable rather than restrict. We believe in empowering people to take initiative, make decisions, and drive our mission forward. At CM Biomass, you are encouraged to be proactive and bold, and take ownership of your tasks, feeling safe and supported as you do so.

Join our Mission

In CM Biomass, as the world’s largest biomass trader, we want to enable a greener tomorrow by setting the pace in the marketplace, leading innovation and excellence in producing, trading, and delivering biomass solutions. At the heart of our mission is our team of industry frontrunners – fuelled by passion and ambition.

Join us at CM Biomass and be part of a team that is growing together towards a greener tomorrow by setting the pace in the marketplace and leading innovation and excellence in producing, trading, and delivering biomass solutions. Explore our current job openings and discover how you can contribute to our mission.

  • I began my career at CM Biomass as a student assistant, where the company gave me the opportunity to shape my professional path within our organization.

    At CM Biomass, I am encouraged to take on new responsibilities and dive into areas and markets that truly interest me. This supportive environment promotes innovation, empowering everyone to develop and implement impactful ideas that drive the company’s success.

    Victor Smith, Business Development Manager, Trading
  • I joined CM Biomass when it was a young company needing help with execution.

    CM Biomass was a small fun company in a huge growth. After 13 years it is still fun, the journey has been fantastic to be a part of, and not TWO days have been the same. It is a company in constant motion finding new ways in new markets.

    Execution today is the “backbone” of the company making sure the contracts are executed as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I enjoy new challenges needing to be solved every day together with the nicest colleagues in an informal environment.

    Elin Bratlie, Execution Specialist, Execution
  • CM Biomass was my first full-time job after my studies. As someone who is always eager to learn, what I value most about working here is the abundance of opportunities to gain knowledge and develop my skills in the field of sustainability. Being part of CM Biomass has been both professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling.

    Maria Ivanova, Sustainability Specialist, Sustainability
  • I began my career at CM Biomass as a student assistant in the Business Intelligence team. The company provided an excellent platform for the practical application of my skills and knowledge as an engineer.

    In the Business Intelligence team, the focus is on generating valuable insights for the company, where innovation and creativity are highly valued and encouraged. Despite my role as a student assistant, I am considered an integral part of the decision-making process.

    At CM Biomass, the growth of every employee is prioritized, and I have been treated similarly to a full-time employee, including participation in business trips and high-level meetings.

    Mads-Emil Leth Honoré, Student Assistant, Market Intelligence

A Dedicated Team of Biomass Experts

The driving force behind CM Biomass is our talented team of approximately 240 dedicated professionals. Spread across Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Sweden, Latvia, Vietnam, Portugal, South Korea, Poland, and the USA, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in our team’s continuous efforts to push the boundaries of what is possible in the biomass industry.

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