At CM Biomass, we are not just committed to sustainability — we are passionate about making a meaningful difference in the world. Join us on our journey towards a greener tomorrow.

Sustainability is our License to Operate

We believe that driving sustainability and documenting the industry’s high standards are key to the successful development of the biomass sector. At CM Biomass, we are on a journey to decarbonize energy-intensive companies all over the world.

We understand that transparency in our supply chains is essential for maintaining credibility and public support. That’s why we’ve positioned ourselves as frontrunners in biomass practices since our foundation.

More than 95% of the total feedstock for CM Biomass’ own pellet mills is derived from wood industry residues, with the remaining approximately 5% being wood chips from forestry residues*.

*These wood chips are produced from the lowest trees in the forests. Timber quality or saw grade wood is not used for producing wood pellets.

Our Statements

Green Gold Label Program Principle and Criteria

CM Biomass is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of responsible and ethical practices in the biomass industry.

Our compliance with the Green Gold Label Program Principle and Criteria ensures that our biomass operations are compliant and transparent. We strictly follow these guidelines to guarantee responsible practices throughout our supply chain.

Core Labour Requirements Policy Statements

At the same time, our Core Labour Requirements Policy Statement reflects our commitment to fair and respectful working conditions for all employees. These principles are key elements of our mission to grow together toward a greener tomorrow. For more details, please explore the documents provided below.

How Sustainable are Wood Pellets?

We believe that wood pellets are a viable alternative source of energy as they are mainly derived from wood industry residues that are otherwise not utilised. Wood industry residues, such as our wood pellets, originate from responsibly managed forests or sawmills and other wood working manufacturers. 

All activities adhere to the applicable legal standards. 

Key species, habitats, ecosystems, and areas of High Conservation Value are identified and safeguarded.

Soil, lakes, rivers, and streams are protected. 

The application of pesticides is controlled, with integrated pest management practices in place. 

The rate of harvest is justified by comprehensive forest inventory and growth data. 

Felled areas are replanted or allowed to regenerate naturally, ensuring forest continuity. 

The use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) is prohibited. 

Workers’ labour rights are upheld, ensuring fair treatment and respect. 

The health and safety of workers are protected. 

The interests and rights of local communities, both formal and customary, are respected and protected. 

Responsible Supply Chain

  • Sustainably Managed Forestry

    Responsible forest management and sustainable sourcing practices are non-negotiable for CM Biomass; thus, we have a dedicated sustainability team to vet the sourcing of biomass. Even though this step is not part of our core operations, as our primary sources are residues for our own production, it all starts with the commitment to sustainability.

  • Sawmills and Other Wood Working Manufacturers
    Sawmills and Other Wood Working Manufacturers

    The main sources for CM Biomass’ wood pellet production are wood industry residues such as sawdust, off-cuts, and shavings from our external suppliers at the sawmills. We encourage the best possible utilization of the saw logs and provide a commercially attractive outlet for the inevitable residue streams from the production of timber products.

  • Wood Pellet Manufacturers
    Wood Pellet Manufacturers

    The use of recognized third-party verified certification systems, such as SBP and FSC ensures the overall sustainability of the timber supply chain. The feedstock for our pellet production is mainly comprised of wood industry residues (95%) with a small fraction of in-forest wood chips from sustainable forest management (5%).

  • Value-adding Biomass Aggregator
    Value-adding Biomass Aggregator

    Through long-term partnerships and a dedicated sustainability team, we ensure due diligence processes for suppliers through sustainability reports, contracts, KYC processes, and legal documents.

  • Logistics

    We provide logistical door-to-door full-service solutions, including loading, inspection, transportation, discharging, warehousing, and agency with terminals to strategically adhere to the sourcing and distribution activities.

  • Utilities and Distributors
    Utilities and Distributors

    Both utilities and distributors have various procedures in place, guaranteeing that pellets are from sustainable sources and are of a certain quality. Utilities conduct site visits to wood pellet manufacturers.

Meeting RED II Standards

At CM Biomass, we are committed to reducing CO2 emissions through the use of wood pellets and biomass solutions.

Under the current EU Renewable Energy Directive version 2 (RED II), and the forthcoming version 3 (RED III), we adhere to stringent calculation rules to ensure the benefits of our biomass solutions are accurately represented.

Consequently, all of our biomass solutions are RED II compliant.

Promoting and Supporting Sustainability

CM Biomass actively promote environmental responsibility in the global biomass supply chain:

• We actively encourage and support our suppliers to get certified
We support clients and end-users in compliance with regulatory requirements
We support clients and end-users with greenhouse gas calculations
• We contribute time and expertise on the Standards Committee of the Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP)  

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