Ensuring sustainability is key to the successful development of the biomass sector. All major market parties are very aware of the importance of proving the sustainability of biomass supply chains. Without transparency on these issues the sector will lose its credibility and public support.

CM Biomass has since years invested in being a frontrunner in sustainable biomass. We have a team of professionals that is dedicated to ensuring the legality and sustainability of our products. Our local and international specialists play a decisive role in the acquisition of biomass and are in direct contact with our major clients and suppliers. Our sustainability department deals with an array of topics, such as:

  • Ensuring best forest practises and forest regeneration;
  • Conserving primary forests and conserving high ecological values;
  • Involving local communities and preserving the rights of indigenous people;
  • The implementation of due diligence and certification requirements;
  • Calculating energy use in biomass production and trade (GHG emission reductions);
  • The promotion of FSC forest management certification;
  • Participation in the development of the biomass certification system SBP.

CM Biomass acquires most of its biomass outside the EU and acknowledges its responsibility to fulfil a bridging function on ensuring sustainability. Our company has a capacity building program for biomass suppliers, in which we assist forest management units and biomass producers with complying to all sustainability requirements of government policies and clients.

CM Biomass is an FSC, PEFC, and SBP certified trader. Within the last years we have assisted dozens of biomass producers in various countries to attain FSC and SBP certificates. For example, CM Biomass, together with its clients, has played a decisive role in the development of SBP Supply Base Evaluations in Portugal and initiated practically all SBP certification projects in Russia. The Russian projects were brought to success in combination with FSC forest management certifications.

While certification is very important, it is important to stress that our most important sustainability goal is to make a positive contribution to the structural and sustainable development of our markets.