Strong and Strategic Ownership

In 2021, United Shipping & Trading Company (USTC) acquired a majority stake in CM Biomass, further solidifying USTC’s global influence in the shipping and trading industries. USTC now owns 66.9% of CM Biomass, with the remaining 33.1% held by the founding family. Operating as an independent entity within USTC’s extensive portfolio, we benefit from the strategic support and resources of a globally recognized conglomerate. USTC’s diverse portfolio includes sectors such as fuel and energy, shipping & logistics, risk management, car activities, and IT, providing a robust foundation for our continued growth.

About USTC

Founded in 1876 in Fredericia, Denmark, USTC is a family-owned enterprise that has grown into a global powerhouse. The group encompasses several renowned companies, including Bunker Holding, SDK FREJA, Uni-Tankers, Selected Car Group, and Unit IT. With around 130 offices worldwide and approximately 3,500 employees, USTC’s influence spans various industries, making it a significant player in the global market. For more information, visit

Minority Ownership

Before USTC acquired a majority stake in CM Biomass in 2021, CM Biomass was primarily owned by Copenhagen Merchants (CM).
Copenhagen Merchants primarily focuses on the international brokering of grain from the Baltic and the Black Sea region.