The most important task of CM Biomass  is to balance supply and demand of different biomass products from multiple markets to multiple markets.

In order to achieve this we organize many modes of transport from trucks and railcars, to containers, barges and vessels, always depending on the dynamics of market flows and pricing.  In addition, CM Biomass has a significant number of warehouses strategically located in order to support a reliable and flexible distribution system:

  1. Petersburg, Russia
  2. Novorossiysk, Russia
  3. Riga, Latvia
  4. Liepaja, Latvia (CM Group terminal)
  5. Gdansk, Poland (CM Group terminal)
  6. Aarhus, Denmark (CM Group terminal)
  7. Grenaa, Denmark (CM Group terminal)
  8. Aalborg, Denmark (CM Group terminal)
  9. Kalundborg, Denmark (CM Group terminal)
  10. Fredericia, Denmark (CM Group terminal)
  11. Middelfart, Denmark
  12. Ødis, Denmark
  13. Ystad, Sweden (CM Group terminal)
  14. Falkenberg, Sweden
  15. Norrsundet, Sweden
  16. Oxelösund, Sweden
  17. Kaskinen, Finland
  18. Oulu, Finland
  19. Muuga, Estonia
  20. Worms, Germany
  21. Breisach, Germany
  22. Eiselfing, Germany
  23. Flixborough/Grove Port, UK
  24. Grangemouth, UK
  25. Ipswich/Ingham, UK
  26. Bristol/Avonmouth, UK
  27. New Holland, UK
  28. Plymouth, UK
  29. Moerdijk, Holland
  30. Flushing, Holland
  31. Waspik, Holland
  32. Ghent, Belgium
  33. Liege, Belgium
  34. Rouen, France
  35. Arquata, Italy
  36. Bari, Italy
  37. Genoa, Italy
  38. Carentino, Italy
  39. Catania, Italy
  40. Savona, Italy
  41. Savannah, US
  42. Houston, US
  43. Halifax, Canada